Crochet Tutorial: Houndstooth Stitch Shawl

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YARNutopia by Nadia Fuad

Houndstooth originated in Scotland in the 1800s. It originally was a woven fabric and over time became popular in fashion. It has undergone many revivals, but it has stayed true to its original classic pattern. Houndstooth is named because it resembles a canine tooth with its sharp edge. Sometimes it is called Dogstooth, and the miniature design is known as Puppytooth. Many designers use this pattern in high end fashion to this day. If you would like to learn more about the Houndstooth history, click here.

It’s Fall Fashion Week in New York which inspired me to create this Houndstooth Shawl–perfect for autumn weather and cool nights. When I originally set out to make this pattern, I expected this to be an incredible challenge, having never done the Houndstooth stitch before. But, after studying a few patterns online, I was able to quickly and very easily pick it up!


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April Scarf

Viole di primavera – stola


20131028-100405.jpgI know its October, but I wanted to show you the April Scarf.

April Scarf April Scarf


I wrote this up a couple of years ago, but recently it got a little makeover and I reformatted the pattern and made it a little more concise and easier to read.  By no means did I invent the chevron stitch, its got many, many, many incarnations in the knitting-verse. But this is my little version of a classic.  I really enjoy how the zig zagginess lets a delicious ombre or variegated yarn really shine. The colors get to play along the hills and valleys and the very simple stitch looks great but it doesn’t require strict attention.  Its great for hanging out with friends and chatting or watching your favorite season premiere while your fingers stay busy. If you have already downloaded this pattern I hope you find the few changes helpful. If its…

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Swatch Love

Download PDF version of the pattern (last edited on July 02, 2016)

Go to the pattern page on Ravelry

Kanak is a crescent-shaped shawl featuring a textured lace stitch pattern. I used approximately 550 yards of KnitPicks Capretta and US size 5 needles to knit my sample, but any fingering-weight yarn with good stitch definition should work. The size of the shawl can be adjusted by working more or fewer repeats of the pattern. To get a drapier fabric, you could go up a needle size or two. Conversely, to get more well-defined, denser texture, you could go down a needle size, which will also increase the yarn requirement.

The pattern is a simple 12-row repeat with mostly knits and purls, and a few eyelets that appear only once every 6 rows.


600 yards of Knitpicks Capretta or any fingering weight yarn with good stitch definition


US size…

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Crochet Thread Flower Doily

Crochet Thread


CrochetThread —  Flower or Doily

by Ann Reillet


This pattern features a few less common crochet techniques. The flower, which can be made as an insertion commences with an Irish Crochet padded circle and finishes with a round of Venetian Crochet. 

The flower is made in 5 rnds measuring 2 1/2”. The doily continues 9 more rnds measuring 6 1/2” but one could venture onward to create something truly unique. Pehaps, adding a trellis netting or various stitches to increase the size.

FREE Pattern. Enjoy!

• Crochet Thread, Cone 10/2
• Steel Hook, US Size 10
• Aluminum Hook, US Size N
• Scissors & Needle

(Photos shown left-handed)

1) Make Irish Crochet padded ring thus: Wrap #10 thread 10x around the handle of N hook, slide off, insert #10 hook, pull up a loop, yo, sc to secure. 23 sc in ring, join with sl st to…

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Crochet – Paisley Doily

Crochet Thread

Crochet Paisley Doily
by Ann Reillet

Step 1:
• Print a picture of a paisley on copy paper or trace the outline of one onto fabric. Affix with sewing pins to foam pad. I used this:


Step 2:
Crochet a coaster to fill bottom. I used the following:

• ch 8, sl st in 1st ch to form ring

• Rnd 1: working over tail, 16 sc in ring, join w/sl st in 1st sc

• Rnd 2: ch 5 (counts as dc+2chs), *dc in next sc, ch 2, repeat around (=16 dc, each separated by 2 chs), join with hdc to 3rd ch of beg dc)

• Rnd 3: ch 3 (counts as dc), ch 12 & sc in 3rd ch of beg dc, dc in same sp, *ch 1, dc in next ch2sp, ch 1, [dc-ch12-sc in dc just made-dc in same sp], *repeat around, join with sl…

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Irish Crochet Motif – Free Form Viking Longship

Crochet Thread

Irish Crochet Motif

Viking Longship

by Ann Reillet, c. 2014. All Rights Reserved.

love of vikingsThough I’m sure the reality was far more sinister, my love of Vikings knows no end. I enjoy reading the history, seeing archaeological discoveries. Besides, who doesn’t like a good Viking movie?

This is a free form Irish Crochet motif of a Viking Longship in US20 thread with a #10 steel hook. Made in sections and sewn together using the tails, the finished motif measures 3″ width by 2 3/4″ height.

Boat: (Above in size 20 thread with #10 hook, Below in size 8 with #7)
ch 65, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each remaining ch, add 2 extra sc in last st (to rotate for oval)

Having rotated the work, working from the back side and working over the beginning tail, sk the 2 extra, and sc over the next st inserting hook into…

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