L’éternité c’est long, surtout vers la fin : châle Unilintu (tuto inside)

ze knitting bird

wpid-20140428_121630.jpgJ’ai choisi pour mon premier essai de châle, l’Unilintu de Luminen Elina, car il est simple et a plutôt une forme de chèche. J’ai trouvé le patron sur Ravelry bien sûr ^^ il vient de Finlande, ça me fait rêver …

Ce patron facile est très inspirant. Lankatarina, une autre finlandaise, en a réalisé une version multicolore plus aérienne qui me plaît énormément aussi : http://lankatarina.blogspot.fi/2014/03/kotikissa-ja-unilintu.html

Du coup, je pense que j’en ferai un autre !

Voici, avec l’aimable autorisation de son auteur Luminen Elina, la traduction en français que j’ai faite (heu, je ne lis pas le finnois, détrompez-vous, mais comme il était déjà en anglais, c’est une traduction de traduction ^^).

A la fin, en italique j’ai mis les caractéristiques du mien : le fil, et les adaptations, car comme d’habitude, je ne sais pas suivre un mode d’emploi sDSC_0115-2ans y apporter ma petite touche 😉

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Swatch Love

IMG_9272 (1024x569)
IMG_9167 (1024x768)IMG_9263 (1024x771)

Download PDF version of pattern

Link to Ravelry page

Imaarat is a simple geometrical lace scarf with side-to-side construction.  The lace is worked on odd number rows only, and all even number rows are knitted.

The scarf is knit in one piece – the first half  (from the cast on edge to the center) is worked using K2TOGs  and yarn-overs (Imaarat Stitch Pattern A) and leans naturally towards the left. The second half (from the center to the bind-off edge) is worked using SSKs and yarn overs (Imaarat Stitch Pattern B), and leans towards the right. This natural slant towards the left and then the right creates the shallow V shape seen in the pictures.

Both the front and back of the scarf look good, but I prefer the side on which you’re knitting all stitches (which would otherwise be the back of your work).

Yarn – One skein of Cascade…

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Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf

Make My Day Creative

Summer Sprigs Lace Shawl Free Crochet pattern Summer Sprigs Lace Shawl Free Crochet pattern

I have wanted to try crocheting with some lace weight yarn for a while, and since it is nearly summer and I found a single ball of Rowan fine lace yarn in the sale bin I thought I’d go for it.

I didn’t think working in lace weight would really be much different to working with dk and heavier yarns, but I did learn a few things.  Firstly, I needed to work in daylight because the stitches are so small!  Secondly, it is definitely worth getting a nice hook with a handle on it.  I already had a plain metal hook (thanks to my mother -in-law) which I got quite far using but then found I was getting a lot of pain in my arms and wrists.  So much so that I had to put this project on hold for a while!  I…

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Arrow Tails Shawl

Make My Day Creative

Arrow Tails Shawl - A free crochet pattern from Make My Day Creative Arrow Tails Shawl – A free crochet pattern from Make My Day Creative

I’m really excited about this design and so I hope you like it as much as I do!  I had a bit of a delay in getting it to you, having run out of yarn for the fringing with only 2” to go…  It’s worth the wait though, as this shawl is so lovely and warm, and I hope you agree it looks good too.

You may be familiar with diagonal raised stitch, which is sometimes modified to make the apache tears pattern (I first saw this used by Sarah London though I have since been spotting it all over Pinterest and Ravelry.)  The design is built up using front post double crochet stitches repeated at intervals and shifted along one place each row.  Sometimes the post stitches are worked into unused front loops on the work…

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