Crochet Thread Flower Doily

Crochet Thread


CrochetThread —  Flower or Doily

by Ann Reillet


This pattern features a few less common crochet techniques. The flower, which can be made as an insertion commences with an Irish Crochet padded circle and finishes with a round of Venetian Crochet. 

The flower is made in 5 rnds measuring 2 1/2”. The doily continues 9 more rnds measuring 6 1/2” but one could venture onward to create something truly unique. Pehaps, adding a trellis netting or various stitches to increase the size.

FREE Pattern. Enjoy!

• Crochet Thread, Cone 10/2
• Steel Hook, US Size 10
• Aluminum Hook, US Size N
• Scissors & Needle

(Photos shown left-handed)

1) Make Irish Crochet padded ring thus: Wrap #10 thread 10x around the handle of N hook, slide off, insert #10 hook, pull up a loop, yo, sc to secure. 23 sc in ring, join with sl st to…

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Crochet – Paisley Doily

Crochet Thread

Crochet Paisley Doily
by Ann Reillet

Step 1:
• Print a picture of a paisley on copy paper or trace the outline of one onto fabric. Affix with sewing pins to foam pad. I used this:


Step 2:
Crochet a coaster to fill bottom. I used the following:

• ch 8, sl st in 1st ch to form ring

• Rnd 1: working over tail, 16 sc in ring, join w/sl st in 1st sc

• Rnd 2: ch 5 (counts as dc+2chs), *dc in next sc, ch 2, repeat around (=16 dc, each separated by 2 chs), join with hdc to 3rd ch of beg dc)

• Rnd 3: ch 3 (counts as dc), ch 12 & sc in 3rd ch of beg dc, dc in same sp, *ch 1, dc in next ch2sp, ch 1, [dc-ch12-sc in dc just made-dc in same sp], *repeat around, join with sl…

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Irish Crochet Motif – Free Form Viking Longship

Crochet Thread

Irish Crochet Motif

Viking Longship

by Ann Reillet, c. 2014. All Rights Reserved.

love of vikingsThough I’m sure the reality was far more sinister, my love of Vikings knows no end. I enjoy reading the history, seeing archaeological discoveries. Besides, who doesn’t like a good Viking movie?

This is a free form Irish Crochet motif of a Viking Longship in US20 thread with a #10 steel hook. Made in sections and sewn together using the tails, the finished motif measures 3″ width by 2 3/4″ height.

Boat: (Above in size 20 thread with #10 hook, Below in size 8 with #7)
ch 65, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each remaining ch, add 2 extra sc in last st (to rotate for oval)

Having rotated the work, working from the back side and working over the beginning tail, sk the 2 extra, and sc over the next st inserting hook into…

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Crochet Tutorial: The Pizzazz Poncho

YARNutopia by Nadia Fuad

Do you have a lot of scrap yarn? I am overrun by baskets of scraps left over from previous projects, and I often try to find fun and useful projects to use them.  When you wear this, it will make you spin, dance, and walk with spring in your step, because it is *that* much fun to wear! Here are a few photos of my poncho and how I wore it. I matched it with jeggings and riders with a man’s denim shirt and a matching headscarf.

Pizzazz Poncho
Comfortable and cozy, I am ready to go out on the town for the day! Bold! Colorful! Wild! The Pizzazz Poncho is all that and a bag of chips!!! I made this creation inspired by a photo I saw made by another crochet artist, but I added a bit of my own artistic spin!
Pizzazz Poncho
This Pizzazz Poncho is the perfect project to make good use…

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Crochet lion amigurumi – Pattern (Free)


Hello crochet lion,

Rawr! I’m made this little guy for my adorable little nephew. Not sure if he’d appreciate a plush toy, but I know for sure that if he had a spirit animal lion would be it. So here’s my pattern for this lovely little toy.


Height: 21cms.
Crochet hook size: 2.5mm
Yarn : 2 skeins of light brown coloured acrylic yarn
1 skein of dark brown coloured yarn
1 skein of white colored yarn

Pattern notes:

The pattern is worked in continuous rounds without joining at the end of each round. The semi colon between rounds indicates similar pattern is to be followed for the rounds between them. The mane is rooted*.
Follow the pattern under mane for the mane cap. To make the hair like appearance for the mane, cut yarn to strips of desired length to be worked into almost every sc on the…

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Pacific Rim Shawl

Make My Day Creative

I’m interrupting my series on How to Design Crochet Patterns to bring you my latest project.  Don’t worry though, I’ll be continuing this next time, I just thought it was time for a new crochet pattern!

Pacific Rim Crochet Shawl - free pattern from Make My Day Creative Pacific Rim Crochet Shawl – free pattern from Make My Day Creative

Following working on my Atlantic Lace Shawl I thought it would be fun to work on some more ocean themed shawls, and when I saw this pretty variegated yarn from Hand Dyed by Kate I knew I had to have it for this project.  The colourway is called “Mermaids” and it’s a sock weight (4ply) yarn made from merino, silk and yak.  Yes yak! This is my first time trying yak fibre and it’s lovely!

Pacific Rim Crochet Shawl - free pattern from Make My Day Creative Pacific Rim Crochet Shawl – free pattern from Make My Day Creative

This shawl is super simple and is based on a one row repeat – and…

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Horizon Shawl

Make My Day Creative

Horizon Shawl - Textured Crochet Pattern by Make My Day Creative Horizon Shawl – Textured Crochet Pattern by Make My Day Creative

I’ve had this one under wraps (haha) for ages and ages, so it’s great to finally be able to share it with you!

I was commissioned by Yarnbox to design for their October 2016 yarn collection, which was a lovely way for me to be able to try this yarn.

I have not worked much with mohair, because it tends to be one of the fibres I react to.  Fortunately not only was this blend lovely to work with, I didn’t have a skin reaction to it either.  Sometimes when we react to yarns it can be more about the treatment/processing of the yarn (or the quality of it) so it is important to give fibres a chance sometimes if you are someone who can be irritated by them.  Wool is such a great fibre in terms of its…

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