Boxy Neon Afghan – A Scrap Yarn Project

Bellissima sciarpa oppure copertina, fate voi !!

Bobbles & Baubles

A couple of years ago, my oldest daughter requested a bright and colorful blanket for her bedroom.  She specifically requested that the main color be neon green.  While I don’t particularly like the colors used, they were her choices, so I went with it.  It was difficult coming up with a pattern would suit her teenage needs and that would incorporate the crazy array of colors. After much trial and error, I ended up with a very simple pattern that she loved.

Boxy-Neon-Afghan-Bobbles-Baubles1    Boxy-Neon-Afghan-by-Bobbles-Baubles1

The finished size measured 50×68, however, you can make it as wide or as long as you’d like.  It’s a great afghan to help get rid of all that scrap yarn you have laying around.   Once you get going, it’s all about repetition… so it’s a great afghan to make while watching TV, say Dr. Who! haha

Boxy Neon Afghan – A Scrap Yarn Project


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Frozen Lotus

Giochi preziosi e piccole stelle

English below ↓

Frozen Lotus designades för Stitchbloggers Julkalender 2017 och publicerades i två delar 9:e och 10:e december. Frozen Lotus kan virkas i vilket garn som helst, och behöver inte alls användas som julpynt. Nedan finns olika färgkombinationer presenterade som inspiration och längst ner på sidan hittar du mönstret.

Med Scheepjes Catona och virknål 3.5 mm blir Frozen Lotus ca 32 cm i diameter och gjord i Scheepjes Sugar Rush och virknål 2.0 mm ca 19 cm i diameter efter blockning. I mönstret beskrivs också hur man blockar med lim om man vill göra en julstjärna eller fönsterdekoration av mönstret. Vill du veta mer om blockning så finns det en bra guide här.

The Frozen Lotus was designed for the Stitchbloggers Advent Calendar 2017 and was published in two parts 9:th and 10:th of December. You can make the Frozen Lotus in any yarn and it does not…

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Secret Paths – Tasty Nom Nom

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Mitt inlägg Lost in Time – Key Lime Pi blev så himla uppskattat att jag nu gör en favorit i repris fast med Secret Paths i Tasty Nom Nom.
Många undrar hur många repetitioner av mönstret ett nystan Whirl räcker till och hur stor sjalen blir. Här kommer lite fakta om min Secret Paths virkad i Whirl.

Jag valde färgen 789, Tasty Nom Nom.

Efter varv 18 upprepade jag varv 5 – 18 ytterligare två gånger. Därefter upprepade jag varv 9 – 16 en gång (varv 16 är ett popkorn-varv) innan jag virkade kanten.

Virknål: 3.5 mm (jag virkar ganska löst)

Virkfastighet: Efter varv 16 (popkorn-varvet) har sjalen följande mått: överkant 44 cm, sidorna 27 cm och djup 16 cm (efter blockning).

Storlek: Måtten på den färdiga sjalen, efter blockning, är följande: överkant 164 cm, sidorna 120 cm, djup 70 cm (tofsarna ej medräknade).

Scheepjes Whirl finns…

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Colorato, come un’alba sul mare: ali di drago con cui volare

Cada estación del año tiene una prenda esencial de la que no nos podemos desprender. Durante la Primavera este chal con bonitos picos que adornan todo su contorno será nuestra prenda esencial.

Each season of the year we have a garment that we cannot live without.  Here we will show you how to create this essential garment.Portada-chal-dragón

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Summertime Shawl

Dolcissimo e leggero, un piccolo sogno colorato al gusto di mirtillo

Simply Summer Street

I loved the finished Good Thoughts Shawl so much, I decided to make one for myself!


Using a free crochet pattern from Ravelry, Lizard, I made mine using cotton yarn (there is also a knitted version).


A while back I went to my LYS with my friend Miss Jennifer and purchased two skeins of Great Adirondack Co. Organic Cotton (color-Summertime).  This seemed to be the perfect project to use it for.


I absolutely adore this pattern.  The yarn is very soft, but I’m not in love with the color.  I thought it looked prettier while it was still in a hank.  However, worn with a solid white tee-shirt, I’m sure it will look pretty.

It needed a good blocking to open up the design.


I decided to add some tassels to weigh down the corners and I like the finished product!


A lovely pattern and it will be lovely…

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Crochet Flower – Aster

Semplicemente prezioso

Crochet Thread

Crochet Flower – Chrysanthemum, Asteraea – Aster

This flower is based on an antique pattern by Anna Wuerful Brown. The AWB Crochet Book No. 1, Fig. 34 & 35, Curled Aster & Pendant Buds.  I’ve rewritten the pattern and simplified the focal piece so that it can be made in one continuous thread.  I used DMC Perle Crochet Thread Size 12 and a #11 hook.

ch 5, join with sl st to 1st ch to form ring, ch 1,
RND 1: 10 sc in ring, join with sl st to front loop of 1st sc,
RND 2: ch 3, sl st in same, *[sl st in next front loop-ch3-sl st in same], *repeat around, join with sl st in back loop of 1st sc,
RND 3: sc in each back loop adding 1 extra sc in every other st (=15 sc), join with sl st in front loop of 1st…

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